Between the Hedgerow

March 8th - April 28th 2019

Here/There presents Between the Hedgerow, a group exhibition from March 8th to April 21st, 2019; with an opening reception that will be held on March 8th from 6PM-8PM.  Between the Hedgerow examines humanity’s relationship to trees — and the larger plant kingdom — through photography, painting, sculpture, and sound.  

Since pre-history, humans have lived with a precarious association to plants; the relationship between the two has spurned the development of agriculture (and in turn capitalism). Simultaneously, trees have been used as cultural symbols deeply entwined with memories and experiences — while having increasingly become degraded and exploited.  Offering a complex and unromantic perspective on trees, Between the Hedgerow focuses on showcasing their unrelenting proximity to human society. 

In Garrett Grove (Skagit Valley, WA) and Tommy Nease’s (Washington) photographic work, trees are shown as both economic agents and harbingers of the effects of climate change; simultaneously subjects and objects bound up within the global economy.  Rachel Youn’s (St. Louis, MO) kinetic sculptures mine plants and trees for their symbology, exploring the liminal connections between personal history and cultural self-representation.  Lisa Schonberg (Portland, OR) captures the sounds of the Amazon rainforest and turns them into musical soundscapes, conveying the interconnected ecologies of the forest and the species that dwell within them, and the cohabitations these connections allow.  Holly Osborn’s (Portland, OR) landscape paintings explore trees as oscillating subjects, at times violently assaulted, at others whimsically at play, or jostling between congruent temporalities.  Throughout them all, we find that plants and trees are unexpectedly present — active agents in the co-creation of reality.  Despite the best efforts of the semio-ideological regimes of colonialism and capitalism, trees and plants are inescapably and eternally entwined with humans, and closer to home than ever. 

Open every weekend 12:00 - 4:00 pm
1920 Kilpatrick St  Portland OR 97217