Sublime Banality

January 18th - February 28th 2019

Here/There presents Sublime Banality, an exhibition which imagines a reactivation of everyday objects to allow for a new understanding of our ontological plane.  Banal objects are reimagined as magical, eschatological, and post-teleological talismans that are able to point towards a new way of interacting with already existing systems.

In the gloomy political/social climate of the current moment, it tends to feel as if the best way forward is to throw away the systems and structures that don’t serve us well.  However, combined with a perspective on the global climate issue, it seems like a valuable investigation to gain a new understanding of the objects that we already live with.  As a form of ontological-recycling, the work in this exhibition points towards ways in which everyday objects can be re-imbued with new meanings, allowing for the objects and products that we already interact with on a daily basis to serve new purposes and functions; ultimately showing that the world has been filled with magic and meaning all along, if only we can be given a new contextual light within which to see our surroundings.

Open every weekend 12:00 - 4:00 pm
1920 Kilpatrick St  Portland OR 97217